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Golgoth, Christophe and OliFant are managing and animating the radio broadcast.
Golgoth The king of humor. He used to be the counterpart of Mister Spok, who co-founded Metal Factory and left in early 2005. Without him you would only have had Alice Cooper to listen to. Fan of Metal for ages, he likes especially metal with muscles like black and death ! State of mindQuand on est passionné de musique et qu'on ne la prend pas seulement superficiellement pour un phénomène de génération, il est toujours possible de se tenir au courant. On se fait larguer si on le veut bien. Si on accorde de l'importance à la musique, on continue à suivre l'actualité, même si on appréhende les choses avec plus de distance et moins de temps. C'est une question de volonté personnelle et de choix de vie. Il faut refuser de se laisser embourber.

(Jacques De Pierpont - 2005)

Christophe Besides carrying out the broadcasts technically, he sprinkles them with extreme metal and metalcore, and is always highly interested when metal mixes with other stuff like electronics, folk, celtic, oriental or medieval instruments. He is also very interested with gothic music with or without female vocals. He has been member of the jury of each Concours Circuit "metal / loud rock" well-known competitions since 2004, as one of his goals is also to be very close to unsigned bands. Alongside Metal Factory, he animates "Not Only (-)" since 1994, a programme for "rockers and electrockers" where you can discover loads of unknown bands.
OliFant OliFant is always ready for a good laugh and a good beer! He likes all kinds of metal, but he's got a particular taste for big sound and for discovering some original stuff. Also in charge of the Metal Factory website.


They are helping to prepare the content of the broadcast by providing reviews, interviews and propositions of playlists.
Apostasy She is the only girl and also the youngest one. She likes really heavy stuff like black and death metal.
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