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A bit of culture in our brutal world !

Place of our broadcast in the schedule of Radio Air Libre :

Metal is missing from all the wide audience schedules of all the main medias (TV, radio). And when they do an exception by giving some space to this music, most of the time it's done by people who don't know anything about it. We take for example the story of Iron Maiden broadcast years ago on MCM that was the perfect exemple to upset all the fans. Moreover, looking at the festivals and numerous specialised publications, it seems that metal deserves more mediatisation.

Our will is to offer a quality broadcast, made by passionates who follow the metal "move" and who know the bands that make things happen without necessarily being boosted by any marketing campaign on large medias. As we are not getting any advertising support we can offer tracks that will never be interrupted. We will never be the slaves of large companies that force the same bands and tracks again and again. On the contrary we'll give time to the bands that have quality in their music, or do have something original, or that have a significant impact on the metal scene.

Metal Factory is also an argument in the battle that the larger stations are forcing us to engage on the field of attribution of radio frequencies. Indeed, our broadcast is made by passionates (in the beginning it was supposed to be part of Not Only Negative - but this was too important to be limited to 60 minutes once a month) meeting the expectations of an audience that doesn't find its happiness on the other radio stations.

By the fact that we are specialized in this musical style, we think we have a role to play to fight the prejudged ideas that give a negative image of this music. Let's remember for instance the report proposed some years ago by the Belgian national TV - RTBF - about Black Metal. A short interview of a bunch of "freaks" made in a wood had created a perception that all the fans of this musical style were satanists and neonazis, or that all satanists are neonazis. This is far from being the truth. It's about time to put things back in place and to eradicate false ideas. This is also one of the goals of our project.


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